For Patients who visit our hospital for the first time

Before calling. .. .. .. 


1. name  

2. Contact information (mobile phone)

3. Chief complaint (main complaint)

4. Desired date of consultation (first choice, second choice)

Thank you for contacting us by e-mail.

Of course, if you can't email, you can call us, but if you have any inquiries by long phone, please contact us.

Please refrain from doing so. * If you have an introducer, please list it.

Five. If you decide to have a medical examination after exchanging by e-mail, we will send you a questionnaire, so please include it and return it. (Please cooperate to reduce unnecessary staying time in the waiting room)


・ For patients who have a complaint that the stuffed or covered item has come off. 

At our hospital, we do not basically reattach what you have taken. If you don't think about the cause, it will come off again soon.

・ For patients who wish to receive insurance treatment

Information on consultation hours The final reception time for insurance treatment is 17:00.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us

To patients who have made a reservation

At our hospital, thanks to the cooperation of patients who have been to the hospital for many years, the cancellation rate of patients is very low, and we can also contact you in case of urgent need. On the other hand, if the time frame for which the appointment is made is suddenly canceled, it will be very annoying to the patient who is observing the time. Even so, like the patient, I may be able to do something urgent and ask for cancellation. There are some circumstances that can't be helped, so I have no choice but to forgive you.

Approximate flow from the first consultation of free medical treatment to the start of treatment

First visit at your own expense (60-90 minutes)

Fill in the questionnaire etc. (* If you are sending by e-mail, omit it)

Interview with full-time staff or director

Document creation (X-ray, reference model, intraoral photograph, CT scan if necessary)

* Initial consultation fee ¥ 11,500 

If emergency treatment is essential, additional time and fees will be added accordingly.

Second time (60 minutes)

Present an estimate of treatment costs from the materials at the time of the first visit Conclude a contract, consult about payment methods, decide, etc.

Third time

Initial treatment started

First visit (about 60 minutes) For periodontal disease treatment


Tests to determine the presence or absence of periodontal disease

X-ray of the part requiring treatment

First aid if there is a chief complaint


2nd-4th (20-40 minutes)

Tartar removal, etc.

5th time

Start treatment of other areas requiring treatment

Approximate flow from the first medical examination of insurance to the start of treatment

First visit (about 60 minutes) For dental caries treatment


Examination to determine the presence or condition of tooth decay

X-ray of caries

First aid if you have pain

Explanation of how to treat cavities


Second time

Start treatment of the treated area

 * If you have pain (acute symptoms), treatment may be started at the first visit.