Notice of this month's holidays, etc.

April 1 , 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 23, 25, 29, 30 are closed days.

From April 30th (Friday) to May 6th (Thursday), we will be closed due to GW's spring vacation.


* April orthodontic treatment day is April 28 (Wednesday).


For patients who visit our hospital for the first time 

Please make a brief telephone request.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could contact us by e-mail in advance by filling in your name, ② work place, ③ chief complaint (main complaint) and ④ desired date of consultation before calling. Inquiries by long-distance telephone are strictly prohibited.

Also, if there is an introducer, please include the name of that person as well.


We also provide insurance medical treatment, child treatment, and insurance dentures (removal dentures).


To patients with insurance treatment

The final reception time for insurance treatment is 17:00.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email.



Currently at our hospital (increasing measures against infectious diseases)

All private rooms are equipped with air purifiers. 24-hour ventilation in the hospital. Equipped with extraoral vacuum.

・ Of the four clinic spaces, three are usually semi-private rooms, but by closing the door, they become completely private rooms.

・ By having two waiting rooms, patients do not pass each other.

・ The three medical treatment spaces are equipped with an extraoral vacuum (free arm) (since 1997), which constantly sucks dust discharged during medical treatment.

 I'm pulling.

・ We have installed an air sterilizer (sterilizer) that uses ultraviolet rays to constantly sterilize the indoor air.

・ All medical treatment spaces are equipped with air purifiers and ventilation fans, and operate 24 hours a day, not only during medical treatment but also after medical treatment.

-A large humidifier (compatible with 54 tatami mats) is installed.

・ We constantly measure the carbon dioxide concentration in the clinic and ventilate while observing the values.

・ Currently, all patients who come to the hospital are admitted to the clinic after measuring the temperature in the front waiting room and disinfecting their hands.

 We are grateful for your cooperation in disinfecting your hands and leaving the room even after the checkout. (70% ethanol only)

・ An alcohol disinfectant is also installed at the top of the slipper rack at the entrance.

・ Implementation of temperature measurement at the time of visit (non-contact thermometer; made in Japan)

・ We continue to ask boys to use the toilet in a sitting position. (From 2 years ago)

・ Although the toilet is Western style, we ask for your cooperation in always closing the lid of the toilet seat before flushing. (To prevent the generation of aerosols)

・ Please brush your teeth and add some extra care before coming to the clinic so that you do not use the clinic toilet as much as possible.

・ Before medical treatment, all patients are gargled in the oral cavity with 0.5% hydrogen peroxide solution.

・ Every day, the temperature of the medical staff is measured and recorded.

・ Although we recommend electronic money, we give patients sterilized currency every day when they enter the clinic.

 * Please take this opportunity to switch to electronic money.

・ A 10% benzalkonium chloride 100-fold diluted aqueous solution is sprayed on the entrance mat in the morning, noon, and so on.

・ Slippers are also sprayed with a 100-fold diluted aqueous solution of 10% benzalkonium chloride. (As needed)

・ Disposable slippers are also available. (¥ 110)

・ Areas that the patient may touch are appropriately wiped with rubbing alcohol.

-The automatic door at the entrance can be opened and closed by simply holding your hand over it without touching it. (Prevention of cross infection)

・ For people other than patients (traders), we handle them outside the entrance.


* The above items are efforts to protect the patients and their families who come to our hospital, my staff, their families, and our important people such as my family.


It's not just about dealing with the unprecedented virus that is currently prevalent. We believe that it should be continued in the future in accordance with the new lifestyle.


Please see here for hygiene management and equipment of this hospital .


About telephone reception time

お電話による対応は,原則 AM9:00~PM5:00までとさせていただきます。




※ 診療に関係が無く、取引の無い業者の方からの電話には,対応致しません。


In principle, we will respond by phone from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

In principle, we will not respond to telephone calls during the lunch break. (For compliance with the Labor Standards Act)

In addition, during surgery or during treatment that you cannot take your hands off, you may be asked to answer the phone. (Please check the message)

Thank you for your understanding.

* We will not respond to calls from vendors who have no business and are not related to medical treatment.


If you have any questions about changing your appointment or treatment, please email us as much as possible. (Please use the inquiry form below)

Please note that we will not reply if the content of the email is judged to be inappropriate.

Please refrain from responding to phone calls from patients other than the patients who are visiting our hospital (or new patients who are going to visit our hospital), and emails and phone calls from other than our business partners. ..

If you are visiting our hospital for the first time, it would be very helpful to have an introducer.

* Basically, we do not reply on holidays or outside the consultation hours.


For patients who visit our hospital for the first time


Consultation hours

Monday-Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
9: 00-18: 30 (Insurance medical treatment is accepted until 17:00)
Closed days Thursday, Sunday, public holidays

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