Takei Denatal Clinic 3rd.Stage

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#About the inoculation status of the new coronavirus vaccine

The director and dental hygienist have been vaccinated twice with the new coronavirus vaccine.

Medical subjects

General dentistry


Oral surgery

What we can do at our hospital

# ・ General insurance medical treatment

・ Free medical care     

# Implant

(# Maxillary sinus floor elevation # Alveolar crest / # Lateral is also possible)

# * SMILE Technique

(How to insert a temporary tooth at the same time as tooth extraction)

# Socket preservation

# Alveolar ridge augmentation

# CTG, FGG, etc. Periodontal surgery

# Ceramics, metal, hybrid prosthesis

(Crown, bridge, inlay, veneer)

# Root canal treatment / prosthetic treatment under a microscope

# Orthodontic treatment (children to adults) # Lingual orthodontic treatment possible

# Treatment of tooth decay (treatment that does not take nerves as much as possible)

# Apicoectomy

# Periodontal treatment (initial treatment-surgical treatment)

# Direct bonding (direct adhesion repair method)

# Resin dentures, metal dentures, non-clasp dentures (spring pear dentures)

# Whitening (office, home)

# Better sealant

(Filling of pit fissures to prevent tooth decay; cleaning to filling under a microscope)


Emphasis is placed on treatment under a bright and magnified field of view using a loupe or a microscope.


Even if you have relatively large cavities, you don't have to take your nerves.

With microscopic treatment under a magnified field of view, even large cavities that are not close to the neural tube can be preserved without denervation. In order to protect the nerves at that time and to reinforce the remaining tooth substance, we use super bond, bioceramics, and bitapex. Super Bond is a wonderful dental material developed by the Japanese about 40 years ago to protect teeth. Of course, it is manufactured in Japan. The same is true for Vitapex.


❖ Let's leave the pulp!


We are also focusing on repairing teeth with broken lines and teeth with holes in them.

If a tooth has a broken line or a hole, it is often called "tooth extraction", which is not a mistake, but at our hospital, such a broken line or hole is repaired by a special method. We are also focusing on treatments that do not pull out teeth. (* Free medical care only)


 ❖Repair of teeth (perforation / fracture)


We also specialize in restoration with ceramics.

Laminate veneers cut only the outermost enamel of the tooth slightly and glue the ceramic shell firmly to it. Since it is cut, molded, manufactured, and mounted under a microscope, it is possible to produce highly accurate products. In addition, there are people who are worried about dropping out, but since each step is solid, few people drop out in a short period of time and come to the hospital. At our hospital, we only handle veneers made of ceramics in order to maintain discoloration, strength, and engagement for as long as possible, and to prevent plaque (plaque) from stagnation and adhesion. * Free medical care


❖ Aesthetic dentistry

❖Ceramics / natural teeth and plaque


We also offer insurance treatment.

The treatment covered by insurance is within the rules of insurance.

I also treat children.

Sealants, which are often applied to molars, have been confirmed to be indicated and are applied under a rubber dam and a magnified field of view under a microscope. * Free medical care


1. Rely on yourself, not on others.

1. Do not imitate success-oriented Americanism, but follow honesty-oriented Japaneseism.

1. Know that the credit you earn from good faith is your greatest asset.

1. Cleanliness, tidyness, and solidity should be the main focus.

1. If you get the whole world, but if you lose that soul, why not?

Kanzo Uchimura (Spends a childhood in Takasaki City) -Excerpt from the secret of success-

Consultation hours

Monday-Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
9: 00-18: 30 (Insurance medical treatment is accepted until 17:00)
Closed days Thursday, Sunday, public holidays

Contact Us

Tel:(027) 360 4188

Medical CorporationKotakekai 

Takei Dental Clinic 3rd.Stage

 1659-4,Hamagawamachi, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture 370-0081

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